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Terms &


If you do not give us instructions within a reasonable period of time, or do not pay a bill within the due period, then we reserve the right to decline to carry out further work for you. If we do decline to carry out further work for you, the full amount of fees and expenses for work up to that date will be payable by you.


We are always more than happy to provide estimates of fees and expenses upon request wherever possible. However, it is important to remember that it may not be feasible to predict the exact amount of work which will be required. This is due to the potential approach adopted by other parties involved with your work that may significantly affect your particular situation.


Our fees are primarily calculated on the basis of factors:

  • The complexity of the matter
  • The importance of the work
  • The urgency involved
  • The skill, responsibility and knowledge required
  • The number and importance of the documents

However, in some cases a full assessment may not be possible until the work is completed and this will then be reflected in our final bill when we can make an overall evaluation of the matter.

Our fees are exclusive of expenses, which are charged in addition to our regular rate. Expenses include payments made or incurred by us on your behalf such as Immigration/Labour and Economic fees, as well as other expenses such as photocopying, fax telephone, in-house translation, typing and any out of pocket expenses.

Our fees will normally be reviewed annually. Details of any fee revision while we are working on your behalf will be supplied to you upon request. We reserve the right to charge you for any losses incurred on foreign currency disbursements as a result of changes in the exchange rates between the date of rendering our invoice and the date of payment.


It’s why we do what we do. Our fee structure is designed to be flexible and affordable. To achieve this objective we tailor our fees to fit the individual needs of our clients.

With flexibility in mind we are prepared to invest time and intellectual property in return for profit and value upside.


We may ask you for payments on account of fees and or expenses from time to time. If you would like confirmation of the balance remaining on your account, please let us know. If you do not pay promptly for any requests of money on account, we reserve the right not to proceed on your behalf.


All bills are due upon instruction of work. Failure to pay after one month entitles us to charge you interest at a rate of four percent (4%) monthly until payment is made.

We reserve the right to deduct funds held by us on your account, a sum equal to any unpaid fees and expenses.


If at any time you have any queries on any aspect of the work carried out by us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


These terms of business will apply to any further work that we may undertake on your behalf, subject to our current fees,unless we both agree otherwise