Employment Visa Services Dubai
Employment Visa Services Dubai



Local Partner/Sponsor/Emirati/UAE National/UAE Corporate

The person or company who sponsors or holds shares in a business in the UAE

Sole Proprietor

A person or company who 100% owns a professional licence


PRO means Public Relations Officer, this is government recognized position and appointed to a person who will directly handle all the documentation in relation to the Company whether that is representing the Company in all Government related Affairs inclusive of the Courts, Labour Dept, Immigration Dept (GDFRA) & Ministries.

Civil Partnership

Whereby two or more persons own a professional licence

Local Service Agent

A local/Emirati individual who sponsors a professional licence

Parent Company

A foreign or local based company who owns the professional licence


A person or Company who owns a percentage of shares in a Company


The process by which original documents (Education, Birth/Marriage Certs) are authenticated/certified by the documents originating Country’s Authorities which after completing a signing and stamping procedure can then be used/recognized for foreign/overseas use. View examples

Main Sponsor

The person/individual who is sponsoring any dependents such as family/maid/driver

Incorporation Documents

This refers to all company related documents – Trade Licence, National Media Council Licence, Sports and Youth Authority Licence, Memorandum of Association, Local Service Agent Agreement, Immigration/Labour Computer Cards, Ministry of Interior Immigration, Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Economy Certificate, Department of Health Authority Licence

Labour Card/Work Permit

The permission from Ministry of Labour Authority to be able to work in the UAE

Ministry of Labour / Labour Dept / Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation / MOHRE / Ministry of Labour& Social Affairs / Taw-teen / Tad-beer / Tas-heel / Taw-jeeh

Ministry of Labour and all its subsidiaries

Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai/Abu Dhabi (ADED) Licencing Dept

The Authority that issues every type of Licence

Ministry of Economy

MoE a Government entity which supports the registration of all Trade Mark applications and the registration of foreign owned companies here in the UAE


Roads and Transport Authority whereby all cars inclusive of company cars are registered


This is a detailed receipt produced by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) which shows the authenticity of the tenant and landlord rental contract that is issued by DLD/Land Dept/RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency)


Wages Protection Scheme (WPS) – a Government regulation implemented to ensure all Company/Employers pay their staff through an online system operated through the Banks of the UAE  

UAE Labour Law

This is the Federal Law No 8 issued in the year 1980 to outline the company and employee’s obligations in the work place.


Companies incorporated on the mainland in UAE can trade anywhere in the UAE without restriction

Free Zone/ Offshore

Designated areas for companies to set up 100% owned companies which trade within that particular Zone and other Zones or directly overseas

Notary Officer

A court appointed official who is authorized to authenticate legal documentation.