Video Lecture Processing

October 14, 2018
A new process at Taw-jeeh Centres which is connected to the Labour Dept processing of Unqualified Job Titles/Positions applications which entails the employee attending any of these centres nearest to you to view a video.
After the Job Offer is issued in the employment process the employee will need to attend for a Video Lecture.
Attendance at these Taw-jeeh Centres is mandatory as Labour Dept are requesting that any new unqualified personnel have a chance to listen and retain all the Labour Dept Rules detailed in the video session, the duration of this video session is one and a half hours. No appointment schedule is in place, the video sessions are repeated as people attend for the group sessions and more than one session is in play at any one time. There are 13 languages available to use with headphones. 

The locations for the Taw-jeeh Centres that are currently open 8am - 8pm:
Al Quoz (we recommend this facility at this stage)
Diera x2


Another Centre that is opening soon is Karama which they predict at the end of the month.