Temporary Visa Suspension

March 17, 2020

In referring to the directive below from the General Directorate of Residency & Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) declaring the temporary suspension on issuance of all UAE entry visas for expatriates. 

 'Please be informed that all types of entry visa issuance has been temporarily suspended until further notice, except diplomatic passport holders and visa-on-arrival'

We wanted to clarify this statement, if any proposed employees/family members are currently residing outside the UAE and intending to come to the UAE in the near future then any approvals to issue such visas after the 17th March will be suspended, not cancelled just suspended until further notice.

If you are already here in the UAE prior to 17th March and wanting to obtain a new visa whilst on cancelled visa or tourist visa then you can continue your process. This directive affects persons outside the UAE wanting to come/return and complete the visa process.

Below we have listed the types of visa that will continue and not suspended for those in country today or arriving:

  1. Employment Visa In-Country Issuance
  2. Employment Visa Renewals
  3. Employment Visa Cancellations
  4. Employment and Residence Visas Issued Outside the country before March 17

Health screening and flight suspension for certain destinations is becoming evident over the coming days so please refer to the media for regular updates on countries that are eligible.

The Authorities have clearly mentioned that this is just a temporary measure until further notice.