Labour Dept Renewals Reminder

October 22, 2018

The Ministry of Labour (MOHRE) has sent a message to remind all companies to keep employees records/files updated. 

The main area's below need attention at all times:

Labour Cards - should ideally be renewed or cancelled before the expiry date or at least within 60 days grace period (after expiry). 

New Employment Work Permit Approvals - if the visa/labour application process stops for any reason midway through a process you will need to cancel the application not just let the application expire.

New Labour Contract Applications -  these should be signed or fingerprinted by both parties and submitted no later than 60 days after the change status date. 

Non-compliance with the above can result in your company being suspended from all future Labour transactions so accurate inhouse administration is important

Keeping track of employees labour/visa expiry dates can lapse especially with companies that have a high turnover of employees or small companies who do not have HR Dept - so gaining a regular print out showing the list of existing employees from Labour Dept is recommended.