Bank Guarantee Refund Process

November 28, 2018

The Bank Guarantee we refer to in this notice is related to the employment process only - this is not to do with family/maid/driver/partner Immigration Guarantee.
The process we have detailed below as instructed by Tasheel (Labour Dept).   

Currently Used Guarantee
These Guarantees which employee's currently hold against their Labour card can only be refunded at the employee's renewal stage or cancellation whichever process is used. 

Unused Guarantee

These Guarantees are the Guarantees that are not currently held by any existing employees with labour cards, Guarantees that were held and waiting to be used by any new upcoming employee.
Applications to apply for the unused Guarantees can be applied from any Tasheel Entity to start the refund process. Please note you can only refund what is currently available in the system not every Guarantee at this early stage.

The approved funds will be returned via cheque under the Company name which once applied can take a few weeks to process. Tasheel will communicate the approved refund once completed.
As with any new implementation patience will be required.