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Son's Sponsorship 18 year old

February 20, 2019

UAE residents with sons nearing 18 years old will no longer have to worry about being unable to sponsor them when they reach adulthood.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced a change in policy on Wednesday, saying guardians with 18-year-old dependents can now apply for a residency visa, on their behalf, that will renew for up to two consecutive years.

Though the rule applies to men and women dependents, it is particularly useful to men who previously would have to get a work or study visa after turning 18 to remain in the country. Guardians also had the option of applying for a humanitarian appeal, which included a Dh5,000 deposit. Under current legislation unmarried daughters may be sponsored by their father, assuming he is resident in the UAE, no matter their age.

Under the new policy, guardians can simply renew the residency of their sons once they turn 18, or when their dependent has completed their secondary school education or graduated from university.

Applications can be submitted on the ICA website, at all residency and naturalisation offices or at other government-approved outlets for a fee of Dh100.

On Wednesday, the ICA also reminded tourists that visa fees did not apply to children, under 18, who are travelling to the UAE between July 15 to September 15.

The annual visa fee waiver is applies to young tourists accompanied by a parent.