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  • Where is your client base, who are your customers and where do they reside in the UAE?

    What is your activity? Once this is established the type of licence you need is clear. If you are a service based industry such as Consulting then you will be a Professional Service Licence holder. If you wish to trade goods then you will need Limited Liability (LLC).

  • With this licence you can trade/provide services to all companies wherever they reside.

  • Offshore/Zone areas have certain restrictions and laws pertaining to types of business and where they can supply services/goods.

  • Opening a branch of an already existing business is relatively easy, it’s generally the preparation of the company documentation from the home country that takes the most time.

    The Authorities in the UAE require confirmation of the existing business (parent company) before granting a branch licence and this is completed by the attestation of the home country’s company incorporation documentation.

    Once the attestation is completed then the documents are further attested here in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the licencing can commence in the UAE.

  • Yes, the Licensing Dept. and Labour Dept. both require you to have a registered office address in order to grant employee visas, labour cards and work permits.

    Your license will not be granted unless you supply a registered office tenancy contract with Ejari.

  • If you have a small business and decide at a later stage to take on an investor or you are approached to partner/sell with a larger concern or individual, you can reorganize the structure to accommodate any new individuals or company and become a partnership. This entails submitting an application to the Economic Dept. to sell shares to the new partner/owner and then add a partner(s) via amendment to the incorporation documentation which is signed in the courts to officiate the procedure.

  • All foreign owned companies need an official sponsor in the capacity of Emirati person/company.

    The type of Licence established determines the role of the sponsor within the company, not every licence type requires an Emirati person/company 51% shareholder

  • No, onshore/mainland licencing offers a 100% ownership company structure and this falls under the Professional Licence category that is issued to individuals or companies that wish to provide advisory services, consultancy such as Human Resources, Management, Facilities etc.

  • The Wages Protection Scheme (WPS) is a Law established in 2009 to protect employees and ensure that all employers pay their employee’s salaries through Central Bank.

    Every company must make contact with their Company Bank Account Manager to enroll for Wages Protection Scheme. All banks in the UAE are fully aware of the process and will guide you on what is required to comply with the law.

    As soon as you hire your new employee the visa and work permits are issued they are registered to receive their salary through WPS procedure. At the end of each working month all salary transfers are reported to the Ministry of Labour, ensuring the Authorities know the company has paid the employee’s month on month. Any lapse in regular payments to registered employees will result in the company being blocked from further transactions or in some cases a fine.

  • All employees working for a company must be provided local medical insurance. This is paid for and provided by the company.

  • Yes. Anyone sponsoring a housemaid/nanny here in the UAE must provide suitable local medical insurance cover for the duration of the visa term.

  • Having your baby in a different country to your country of birth takes some planning. The UAE Authorities realise this and give all new parents 120 days from the date of birth, affording you time to get the baby’s birth certificate notarized by the hospital, the baby’s passport organized with your consulate/embassy and then finally the process of gaining the UAE residence visa. Once this is complete you and your newborn can travel outside of the UAE.

  • No, all persons wanting to work in the UAE must complete interviews, once offered a role within a company the organisation applies for both the official work permit and employment visa.

  • It is a process bearing witness to the authenticity of a document/certificate and was issued and signed by a competent Authority along with sets of stamps placed to affirm the document/certificate is genuine.

    To attest any document for use in the UAE, the first thing that needs to happen is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of any country needs to declare the authenticity of the certificate/document.

    First, the Ministry declares the authenticity of the document/certificate by stamping their approval on a true copy or original. To be able to use that authenticated document/certificate here in the UAE the UAE Embassy of that same country needs to also stamp that document alongside the Ministry’s stamp and signature. Now the document will have 2 attested stamps this is partial attestation. The final step to having a fully attestation document for use in the UAE is to have the final third stamp placed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in UAE.