One Stop Client Portal UAE
One Stop Client Portal UAE



All your company digital data and files to hand.

We have created a bespoke gateway for our clients, enabling you to have instant accessibility to your digital files, services, ongoing processes and information. Additionally it automatically generates reminders on the up and coming expiration of all company related documentation.

With Human Resources departments stretched more than ever, the efficient management of your employee data is crucial, this platform gives you complete control of every aspect of current and past processes, transparency at your fingertips.

access to our online portal

Use of Client Portal

You can also instruct us to action new requests via the portal – simply log in, complete the online form and upload the documentation needed for the following:

  • New & Renewed Employment Visa
  • Labour Card – Processing only
  • Immigration Employment - Visa processing only
  • Temp Work Permits (3/6 or 12 months)
  • Mission & Visit Visa processing
  • Cancellation of Labour Permits & Visas
  • Family/Maid/Driver Visa processing
  • Amendments to any contractual changes at renewal or midterm